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beefsteak tomato in Aerogarden Deluxe and CropLampSurround
CropLampSurroundbeefsteak tomato harvested from CropLampSurroundcherry tomatoes in CropLampSurround - harvested 125 cherries in 16 weeksrear view - cherry tomatoes in CropLampSurround, age 13 weekscomplete CropLampSurround kit - screen pre-cutcut-your-own CropLampSurround kit - includes screen material, folded but not cuthardware only kit - supply your own screen material (presentation board works)

Full-Size Tomato Kit for Tall Aerogarden

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CropLampSurround provides the extra light needed to grow delicious full-size tomatoes and peppers in your tall Aerogarden.

The IndoorSalad CropLampSurround is a light fixture and reflector in one. It wraps around the front of your tall Aerogarden. Two CFL lightbulbs provide an extra 3200 lumens of light to the middle of your vegetable plant - 70% more light than the Aerogarden alone. The white enclosure reflects light onto the plants, and out of your eyes.

Ever notice how only the top 6" of the plant, closest to your Aerogarden lights, really seems to be growing? CropLampSurround dramatically expands that brightly-lit grow volume.

What's included?

  • Light screen, 12"d x 24"w x 26"h, for tall Aerogardens
  • Two 23W CFL light bulbs (standard base)
  • Light sockets and electrical cords

Beefsteak Tomato Kit for Aerogarden included

  • Seed for delicious beefsteak tomatoes
  • Bonus sample seeds
  • Aerogarden-compatible grow sponge
  • Growing instructions


  • Cut your own screen partial kit - includes folded material for you to cut into your own screen
  • Hardware only kit - includes no screen material - supply your own presentation board, etc.
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Price: $69.95
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Dimensions: 26 in × 15 in × 5 in

Q&A: More about CropLampSurround

Who are you?

I've been an Aerogardener for 6 years, and an avid experimenter. You may have seen me around the Internet as "gisette". CropLampSurround was developed from my own experiments, informed by the experiments of scores of others I've corresponded with over the Web. People want real tomatoes from the Aerogarden. The Aerogarden comes close, but not quite. CropLampSurround, and research with special tomato varieties, bridges that gap.

Aren't lights supposed to be above the plant, like the sun?

The sun moves across the sky, and plants grow around whatever shades them. So long as the light is on the upper hemisphere of the plant, the plant grows towards it - in every direction. With artificial lights, so much weaker than the sun, the important thing is that the light is close enough to the leaves. Placing lights around the plant, keeps them closer.

Can I grow other crops with CropLampSurround?

Sure! Any crop that can fit into the tall Aerogarden's grow volume, and needs more light. This is a new product, with only tomatoes tested so far. But we'd love to see pictures from people growing other things - and other varieties of tomato! Peppers and eggplant are especially suitable. Aerogrow's own tomato kits will yield better with CropLampSurround.

Can I grow cucumbers and spinach?

Sorry, light isn't the problem. These crops don't grow well in "deep water culture" hydroponics.

You test these things?

Absolutely. I grow log on my other site,, (pen name "gisette"). Some CropLampSurround grows:

Can I use CropLampSurround without an Aerogarden?

Yes. And I'm developing free-standing kits optimized for peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. But the 2 x 23W bulbs of the CropLampSurround for Aerogarden are not enough light by themselves to grow full-size tomatoes, and this screen is cut and shaped specifically to fit a tall Aerogarden.

What about metal halide, high pressure sodium, or LED lights?

These make unpleasant room-mates, for growing food in your living space. MH and HPS lamps are expensive, hot, and their light is damaging to your furnishings and eyes. The color of MH light is OK, but HPS light is a deep sulfurous yellow. LEDs are expensive, eye-damaging, and a lurid magenta. My trials suggest that unless you buy very high-end LED growlights, they don't grow crops well. LEDs show promise, but they're not ready for your living room tomato yet. The home-hobbyist market for these expensive grow lights is often for crops of a higher street value, in hidden rooms.

Why CFL?

In contrast, fluorescent lights are inexpensive to buy and operate. The most efficient are T5's - a 5/8" diameter tube. Buying an electronic ballast, fixture, reflector, and bank of T5 bulbs of the right wavelengths of light, is expensive, in an awkward and inflexible shape. However, a CFL - a compact fluorescent light - is simply a coiled T5 fluorescent tube, with built-in non-humming ballast, packaged to fit in a standard light socket. With CFL's you can deliver more intense light, exactly where you want it, much less expensively. They are bright, though - the intensities needed to grow a good full-size tomato are hard on the eyes. CropLampSurround reflects all that light onto the plants, spilling only a pleasant lamp light into the rest of the room.

Do these CFL lightbulbs match the Aerogarden's?

No. The Aerogarden CFLs are under patent, and use a non-standard base. Their light is a different color temperature than the CFLs used in CropLampSurround.

Do I have to buy replacement light bulbs from you?

No. These are fairly standard CFLs, selected and tested to work in this application. We sell at a typical retail markup. If you know what you're doing, buy where you like.

Do I need to replace the light bulbs every 6 months, like the Aerogarden's?

Probably more like once a year. But unlike the Aerogarden bulbs, you can re-use the bulbs in a standard light fixture for the dimmer remainder of their lives. 100W incandescent equivalent.

Can I use CropLampSurround with a shorter Aerogarden?

No, it doesn't fit. The tomato variety is also too big for a shorter Aerogarden.

More questions?

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