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indoor salad book cover

Indoor Salad: How to Grow Vegetables Indoors

the Book

Successfully grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, and herbs indoors, without spending a small fortune.

Includes DIY projects, shopping tips, and an intro to hydroponics.

indoor salad book cover

Lettuce Splasher

Manual Hydroponics

New! Simple DIY kits to grow hydroponic lettuce, kale, and other greens and herbs. Kits start at just $11.95.

Buy two or more, and save! Enter coupon code Splash15 on your shopping cart.

croplampsurround lightscreen

Full Size Tomato Kit for Tall Aerogarden

the Lightscreen

CropLampSurround provides the extra light needed to grow full-size tomatoes and peppers in your tall Aerogarden.