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Splasher Refill

splashing a splasher to oxygenate the water
refill also works as an Aerogarden kitwhat will you grow next? looseleaf and summer crisp lettuce, kale

Refill your Splasher kit for up to 6 more months of growing.

Can also be used as an Aerogarden kit - just wash and re-use your old plastic pod baskets and domes. If you need seven grow sponges instead of six, just ask in the comment form during checkout.

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USA flagAll parts made in the USA. Optional organic nutrients.

What's included?

  • Six grow sponges
  • One-part hydroponic nutrients, for up to 6 months of growing
  • Seeds for delicious, easy-grow summer crisp lettuce
  • Bonus splasher-compatible seeds - e.g., herbs, flowers, lettuce, or brassicas
  • Instructions
SKU: SplasherRefill
List price: $9.95
Price: $9.95
Weight: 5 oz
Dimensions: 10 in × 6 in × 0.5 in

Q&A: More about the Splasher Refill Kit

What if I have an Aerogarden 3?

The refill kit will supply two full grows in an Aerogarden 3, one full grow for a 6-pod Aerogarden. Just ask for a seventh sponge in the comment form during checkout, if you have a 7-pod Aerogarden.

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