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Baby Choi Problems

I wonder if anyone can help. From Ginger's Indoor Salad book I was inspired to start some baby choi on my office window sill.

I put about 5 inches of Miracle Gro potting mix in a plastic container and planted new seeds. I've been watering with rain water. I have kept the temperature in the 16 - 21C range by shield the container from the sun when it gets too earm. The seeds shot up to about 2 inches tall over a week or so then seemed to stop growing. Very slowly, true leaves are emerging, but at the same time, plants were falling over - I assume damping off.

So I installed a computer fan running at half its rated voltage. This generates a very light breeze across the entire container. I assume this is enough to keep the air moving and the damping off nasty away from the plants. They did stop falling over.

However, they still seem to be stopped. In addition, the seed leaves are growing paler - amore more so around their edges. A few anow curling over again. Thinking it might be lack of food (foolish - Miracle grow has plenty for seeldings, and the book clearly says don't feed) I watered half the container with Miracle Gro fertilizer in rain water. No difference.

So - my questions is what to do now. I could wait it out. I could speed up the fan. I could statr again filling with more soil to the top of the container.  I could put the whole thin on my balcony where it is breey and much cooler. I could throw it all away.

Here is a photo:

Any thoughts would be welcome.

[As I edit this the phot is visible, but when I view the post it isn't. Anyone know why?]

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