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Project Reunion Release!

Project Reunion is the sequel to my novel End Game, and released on March 23, 2016!

Le Blurb:

A Daring Plan to Save a Dying City

New York City is hopeless. When Ebola broke out, the ruthless Calm Act walled off the city behind armed borders. Otherwise contagious refugees would flood out and devastate the whole Northeast. The survivors outside, struggling to make ends meet in a chaotic climate and collapsed economy, are grateful. But they feel guilty as sin. The agony of New York weighs heavy on the regional conscience.

Dee Baker and her lover Emmett MacLaren propose their own daring plan to resolve the crisis. Dee leads the Amenac Internet empire, bypassing the Calm Act’s censorship to empower survivors to help themselves. Emmett is a martial law governor anointed within the Calm Act to lead and rebuild. The rule-breaker and the rule-maker could prove a dynamic partnership – or be torn apart.

Now that the crops are in, can the Northeast afford to rescue a tormented New York? Or is it too perilous to try, with another state beyond their borders threatening war?

Project Reunion is the sequel to End Game, book 2 in the Calm Act series.