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LED Aerogarden Update

LED Aerogarden tomatoI now have 2 LED Aerogardens - and no more CFL Aerogardens.

That first fantastico tomato grow lasted 33 weeks and harvested 1024 cherry tomatoes. The plant was perfectly healthy and setting more fruit to the end. I just terminated it when my outdoor tomatoes started producing. The tomatoes needed extra light to taste good. But I expect that in a tomato.

Because that grow went well, I bought another LED system (the cheap version) when my original Pro100 system failed. At that point, I had four aging CFL Aerogardens, each broken in a different way. I was awfully tired of paying for and recycling the expensive weird-shaped CFLs. The CFL systems grew lettuce better. But I don't need an Aerogarden to grow lettuce.

The cheaper LED system has a hissing air pump, and less light. I wish I'd bought a second Ultra instead.