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Changes Since the Book Was Published

2 week dwarf tomatoes, hydroponic vs. potting mix (first 2 weeks started in AG Pro100) These are exciting times for indoor salad growers! My best-selling book was published less than 3 months ago, and already, I have a growing list of information to revise. Here are some of the more intriguing developments I'm keeping an eye on.

Aerogrow teamed up with Scott's Miracle Gro – a huge leader in the consumer gardening space. This should give them far wider distribution, and new R&D money. A flush of new products include:

Edit: I've been hearing pretty dire quality control problems with the Aerogarden with LED so far over on - like, with smoke or otherwise dead and malfunctioning electronics. Looks like a promising technology, but best to wait until they get the kinks out, if you're buying an Aerogarden for carefree reasons.

Other interesting new products:

  • My Greens Light Garden – another all-in-one counter-top indoor growing appliance, this one features height-adjustable T5 fluorescent lights and four separate self-watering soil growing trays.

  • Zero Water 5-stage ion filtration system. These filter water pitchers can apparently reduce dissolved solids like "hard water", and the larger 23-cup model even includes a TDS meter to prove it (TDS = total dissolved solids).

  • SeedsNSuch is a new seed purveyor with low prices on a wide variety of tomatoes and peppers, including good indoor dwarf varieties, and an inexpensive self-pollinating cucumber.

I haven't tried all these new products myself, but I'm watching other people's grows with interest! On my own experiments, this winter's projects include a Modern Sprout Planter (edit: which so far also has new-product pains) an Asian green called "water spinach", and passive no-splash hydroponics using coco coir mixed with growstones in self-watering planters fed with hydroponic nutrients. And new varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers and lettuce, as always. Wish me luck.

I wish you and your plants the best of luck as well!